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A life of expansion

Even though I reserved two headings to present "what I do for a living", the more meaningful heading is this one, attempting to describe who I am. Who will care what I have done for a living when I'm almost dead?

There are those who admirably take upon themselves a clear mission in life, and that mission defines them. 

I am not one of these. Instead, I have spent the better part of my life seeking. 

"Seek, and thou shall find." 

Can such a tautology serve as advice? 

You can chase and never catch. You can dig only dust. You can pursue, and never achieve. You can aim, and miss the mark. But if you seek, you will find.

What do I seek? The forms behind the shadows. The sense behind patterns that repeat. The whole that unites the parts. The minor fourth. The major fifth. The perfect pitch. The sound beyond sound. The leitmotif.


The inclusive truth. The great beauty. The loving eyes. The advent of a more beautiful world my heart knows is possible.

Where do I seek? Beyond borders. Beyond beliefs. Beyond bounds. In the cold and in the deep. On precarious paths, where certainties are shaken.

How do I seek? Boundlessly! Observation, study, contemplation, meditation, conversation, experimentation, practice, self-expression, manifesting my vision.

Lots of knocks. Lots of falls.  An occasional epiphany.

What have I found?

Most significantly, my desire to make the world a better place begins with the sovereign domain that is myself. It is not some small and private affair, because there are no boundaries on the effects that such inner transformation can have in the world at large. 

This is essentially why I seek to share in writing what I learn through living. I will speak my truth and share my sense of beauty, be it heard by few or many.

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