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Writing about writing

Writing, be it poetry or prose, may not be what I do for a living, but more than anything else it defines how I live. It is the fruit of my ongoing interaction between dreams, experience, observation, and insight. What results often demands to be shared, not because I think it will be popular, but because I recognize its distinctiveness.

But is it important? Only as important as my life itself. Writing is not some distraction from the thick of life, but my way of being fully present in it. I am a poetic writer when I am present in the wonder and mystery of life, when I intuitively understand what it means to greet another with "Namaste", and when I listen to the sound of words as much as their common meaning.

Each of my works, in its own way, seeks to trigger a change in the world through you, its reader. I believe that my mission, as a non-professional writer, is to lead others toward this better world that is both possible and necessary.


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