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As much as I love Paris, I too have always been torn between the culture of the city and the well-being that nature provides. We can't escape the fact that without nature we'd have no culture, and the Nature that we have collectively neglected urgently requires restoration.

Now or never, I have decided to reconcile culture and nature in a place I've called Cantobria. I hope to welcome you there in 2023.

Entrepreneurial past and parallel lives

I created in 2010, roughly at the same as Airbnb and with the same idea, only with a focus on Paris. Several years later, the city of Paris banned the short-term rental of secondary homes, which was our primary market. The 2020 pandemic took care of the rest.

As a licensed real estate agent, I subsequently created Exquisite France, focused on sales and searches in France for an anglophone clientèle. France remains an attractive location for property investment and retirement. 


Photo courtesy of Adine Sagalyn

Location: Palais Royal

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