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I created Paris-Sharing.com in 2010, roughly at the same as Airbnb and with the same idea, only with a focus on Paris. Several years later, the city of Paris banned the short-term rental of secondary homes, which was our primary market. The 2020 pandemic took care of the rest, also marked the end of the road for an urban co-living project I had intended as the Paris-Sharing phoenix project.

As a licensed real estate agent, I also created a real estate business in partnership with Adrian Leeds in 2015. We focus on sales and searches in France for an anglophone clientèle. Although hit hard by the 2020 pandemic, this business continues to demonstrate its growth potential as France remains an attractive location for property investment and retirement. If you have property for sale or are searching to purchase property in Paris, I would be happy to explain the advantages of our particular approach. 

With 2020 as a crossroads, I am now in the early stages of a new project: the development of tiny home clusters in France, based on the aesthetic and ecological design principles laid out in LUX by LEO

The Covid19 crisis has led me to believe that an increasing number of people will be drawn to more autonomous and healthier modes of living, closer to nature and less dependent on saturated urban infrastructure. 

France has an exceptional rural potential with most areas well-connected to Paris and other cities via its world-class rail network. 

If you share this belief and have resources to bring to the table, let's have a conversation!

Photo courtesy of Adine Sagalyn

Location: Palais Royal

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