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The end of the known

Stepping into a new world

Sagres, Europe's southwest cape.

The end of the path. The final, wind-beaten flower. The last sturdy rock. From here, there is no way forward but to leap into the unknown.

Four hundred years ago, that leap revealed “the new world”, brave in its beginnings but in the end another variant of the same story.

Valiant pioneer, the time has come to end your quest to conquer and exploit in pursuit of happiness. Instead, set your sight within yourself, the source of all the troubles you have ceaselessly sought to resolve through money and missiles, reason and religion. Once you have killed off your enemies, built walls around you, downtrodden those of lesser worth, and poisoned your own earth, air and water, then you will be left alone with yourself and those of your kind. And you will still tremble in fear, because in your self-assured stance you have always been afraid.

Now be brave and leap beyond the fixed horizon of your bounded beliefs.

There indeed lies a new world,

rising up from the truth in your heart,

leaving in ruin your head’s vain illusions.

Now be brave, to once again leave behind

the old world,

your old self.


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