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O Cold, where is thy chill?

Updated: May 27, 2020

The body's truth is in the mind

What makes you miserable, perhaps more than anything else, is your belief that you are powerless to change what you don’t want in your life. It is not the experience itself, but the fact that you feel deprived of choice.

If, as a prisoner, you are woken up in the morning and thrown into a sea of freezing water until your skin is numb, you will consider it cruel and unusual punishment. You will suffer. If you are forced to march miles in the cold mud, barefoot, you will suffer.

Deliberately choose to experience these very same things, and they will produce entirely different effects. Plunge into the English Channel in the depth of winter because you know it invigorates your body and mind. Relish the cold with fierceness as life pulses powerfully through your veins. Toss your shoes and walk the cold earth. Feel the grass, the mud, the rocks, and remember that your body is of the same primordial substance. You have forgotten, but your body knows. It can do such things. It chemically reacts to your fear. It reacts to your resolve. It is the instrument of your consciousness. If you find it deranged to willfully seek such experiences, look then at your own life. Are there experiences that make you feel trapped? Therein lies your misery. You are a victim in disguise.

Re-frame the experience and regain your power.

Take ownership for what is happening to you, and set yourself free.

For more about regaining power, read my post here.

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