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New Year's greeting 2020

And greetings to you all, intergalactic friends! This is me, saluting the dawn of the decade 2020 in a place called Paris, at the tip of a famous Ile. I wish you all well in every corner of the cosmos at this start of this year and until the end of time! I usually limit my new year’s wishes to folks on Earth. This year, I’m reaching far and wide.

Here on Earth, we have some grave concerns. I’m hoping you can help.

I know you’re thinking “oh yeah, what’s new?”

Well, this is new — and forgive me for my ethnocentricity — but both my “homelands” are in a terrible mess. To which “lands” do I refer since you know I’m from Earth? Nobody here on earth is actually considered “from earth”. Every human is born at a precise time in a precise place on the planet, and those two things define them throughout their life. Don’t ask me why this is. I just know it’s always been the case. It seems there are some lands more special than others (they call them holy), so if you’re from those lands you’re more special too. Of course, you already know that we on earth are special (maybe that’s why you’d be willing to help), but what I’m reminding you is that some of us are more special than others. That’s an idea people on this planet die to defend.

So, I was telling you about the big mess in my homelands that are dear. There is the one where I was born, called America, and then the one that I adopted as my own, called France. To simplify, the first one is big and boastful, the other is small and beautiful…and boastful.

These days, America has become so mighty that it can find no enemy big and mean enough to take it on, so it began battering itself to death. We’re talking serious abuse. The enemies have all been internalized, and the costs externalized. We Americans are so good at making the universe a better place…hopefully you’ve taken note. We’ve got the force on our side. We thought the rest of the world should be just like us, but now that the enemy is within, all hell is breaking loose.

I’m calling out to you, Friends, so that you will advise whether I have lost my wits. This, you see, is the center of my concern. There is no longer any reliable source to know what is actually going on down here, and I’m secretly hoping that your outside eye may help. Could one of you order a planetary diagnostic of sorts? It seems to me that all is being destroyed, but many say this is the way it has to be.

We humans of the American type have invented a device that we band around our eyes as a game. It substitutes one reality for another, call it virtual if you like. What fun, don’t you think? Too many people got into this game, and now we never know who is in which reality anymore. It is leading to the strangest and unexpected mass behaviors. For example, America chose a leader who for one majority is a gangster, and for the other majority a patriot. Yes, this is a reality where there are two majorities. I honestly don’t even know if the man is real. I can assure you he is like something we normally only experience in our fictional imaginations down here.

Now, in my adopted France where I live, we’re having a terrible time just getting across town. A trip to Mars would feel less taxing. A minority faction with the dourest faces you ever saw now claim to represent the public good. They have guillotine grins, and to prove their point, they wreak havoc on all. They say they should deserve special lifelong retirement pay. In this land, work is something people spend the first quarter of their life preparing for and the rest of it trying to escape. They say it’s for everyone else to pay. On that point, most seem to agree: that it’s for everyone else to pay, from now until the end of time.

To sum up, in both my homelands, it’s been such an ordeal to rid ourselves of despotic rule these past several hundred years. Now that we’re all democratic, we have only ourselves to blame.

I know I’m not in much of a position to tell you how to help, just please don’t come as God whatever you do…even though millions are waiting for you! This has always backfired in the past, can’t you see? For that matter, if you do anything too obvious, the whole human gang will turn on you. You need to be discreet. Maybe you could figure out how to tweak our software, so to speak? You know all about our source code, since we’re in this all together, holographically at least.

Could you maybe beam down some laser light that would repair bits of broken code, or maybe activate a more pacified mode? How much would it take to transform psychosis into stillness, discord to empathy, division to unity, conflict to peace? Who knows, maybe just the slightest tweak could do the job?

With an intervention so discreet, we’ll never know whether you have come to help or not. How will we ever thank you enough if you do? Will we ever know what Planet Earth means to you?

Finally, to my friends in this world that I know….

Maybe we really do need to take this through until the very end? Where danger grows great, the saving power does as well.

Maybe we’re all a part of the code so that if one or the other makes a slight change, that will affect the whole? What do we have to lose?

For this new year, here is my wish for each and all. Take just one step…that one step closer to the person you are here to become. This is your domain, where you must stand firm. Take that one step, and don’t lose your ground.

In that one step, taken by all, the tide may yet be turned.


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