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LVX by LEO Cover

"Something extraordinary and unprecedented is underway. Maybe you feel it, like an animal before the storm. Maybe you know it, because you have dug deep beneath the daily news. Maybe you have de-coded it, like the DNA of a sudden, world-sweeping virus. Or maybe some cognitive virus has mysteriously activated this new awareness in you.

You are not alone. More and more people are waking up, although there is no official headcount. Humankind appears to be due for a date with destiny. The challenges seem insurmountable, yet each holds the potential for an unimaginable breakthrough. Around the bend awaits an irreversible bifurcation. There is already light breaking through, even where most only see dark and doom. You have been waiting for this your own life, for yourself, for your children, and for all mankind.

You have been asking yourself these gnawing questions and contemplated their troubling answers:

We fill our space with things and our time with tasks, yet do we feel fulfilled?

What we need is already within us.

We pursue happiness in the form of material goods. Chasing after a shadow is a consecrated right, but does it not escape us as soon as we approach it?

The more we focus on being, the less we focus on having.

Consumption is the cornerstone of the reality we have created for ourselves. Have we really been born into a world of irreducible scarcity?

There is abundant energy in the vast 99.99...% empty space in which our bodies and all matter are but solid-looking holograms.

You have been waiting for the great event--the turning point--but all the while everything else has been waiting on you. Until this moment, you have not fully grasped that everything you do matters. Yes, everything down to the way you bring your water to boil. That boiling point is near, and now as the steam rises and dissipates into the air, this intuition begins to penetrate your being:

I am not alone in this universe and not separate from it. Everything is absolutely connected and interdependent.

Will you make the first step? It’s not a huge leap, it’s a step that is close in. So small and insignificant, yet able to unravel the entire knot that is you--that is our world.

Fear has been holding you back. Fear holds everything back. Fear of the terrorists, or fear of the mob. Fear of the pandemic, or fear of the Deep State. Fear of the apocalypse, or fear of a final exhausted whimper. Fear that you will stand out too much, or fear that you will not stand out enough. Fear of failing, or fear of never trying. Fear of pain, or fear of numbness. Fear of lacking, or fear of losing what you have gained. Fear of being apart and lonely, or fear of being one and losing your specialness.

Fear has been holding you back, but maybe hopelessness as well. If we liken our bodies to a form of temporary imprisonment (because we can’t exactly leave them and return to them as we please), we might observe that some “prison cells” have windows and some don’t. In reality, all have been offered cells with windows, but for some prisoners these windows are pointless because they do not believe there is anything outside to see.

Your entire being feels constricted in the face of the world’s daunting forces of destruction. But a first step will lead to another, then a third. It will all start to unravel in ways you do not imagine.

Hold my hand and take the first step. Hold on until three, and let yourself be set free.

Here is the great, seemingly impossible challenge--the Gordian knot: to save ourselves, we must save the very ecosystem that sustains us, and dissipate our destructive societal conflicts. This we must do together.

On our own--yes that means alone--we must find our place and thrive. If our own life is not of infinite value, what value can we give to all the rest? Our role together is inextricably linked to our role alone. It is through our individual transformation that we have the greatest power to change the world.

The most significant inequality is not between the rich and the poor, nor between men and women, nor between whites and blacks, nor even between the educated and the uneducated. It is the gulf that exists between those whose lives are infused with meaning and those who live superfluously."

Excerpt from "LVX by LEO: Let Us Be Light", just released on

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