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Wellness whatever the weather

On the island of Ischia, the sun shines almost 365 days per year. Today was not one those days, nor was yesterday, nor tomorrow.

The rain and cold were so bleak that the annual festivities in honor of the island’s patron saint, San Giovan Giuseppi della Croce, were canceled. It seems like the greatest natural catastrophe to have beset the island since the year 1302 when its volcano, Mt. Epomeo, last erupted. The dismayed locals remained huddled indoors. The church was crowded with damp believers, sprinkling holy water upon themselves.

Meanwhile, there was a spectacle that none bothered to notice. A lone, dark-headed man was bobbing up and down in the sea near the pier, at dawn and at dusk. (That would be me).

The sea is where my holy water is, and I am fully immersed. I did not choose the weather, but I can choose how I feel about it. I came all the way here from rainy Paris for the sunny sea, not the house wine, and nothing will stop me from partaking in her. That is why, today, I am the happiest man in Ischia in spite of the weather.


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