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Icy sea sense

Cuddle up to the cold. Even mermaids do it

The sunrise sea temperature was a balmy 3°C on the Amager Strand near Copenhagen on Feb. 19, 2019. The air temperature was a blistering 5°C. The seawater stings your skin as you enter, but when you emerge the air feels gentle. You feel vigorous and a bit giddy as you stand practically naked on the shore. You snuggle up to the cold as you would a close companion.

Here, you realize that human experience is altogether a matter of contrast. How do you feel warmth without the cold? How do you experience joy without sorrow? How do you know oneness without knowing separation?

For those who have experienced cold water in full consciousness, you know what I'm talking about. For those who have not, it all sounds a bit crazy. The cold is a fierce crossing. It is intimidating at first, but when you make the plunge with total confidence in yourself, you emerge fearless. You have made it over the metaphorical crossing and return to tell that there really nothing to fear.

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