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Dancing with daffodils

A mother's day tribute

I used to send her flowers from across the ocean. These at least I knew she loved. But she always said it was wasteful. So I began taking photos of every flower I could find and sent those instead. Now she has now forgotten these, as all the rest. Maybe all except the daffodils, along with that verse by Wordsworth:

“And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils.”

Though she has forgotten, I will remember. Not the flowers, but the love that she seeded in my heart from the beginning. That is what most mothers do, and such love holds the world together. It is like the gentle murmuring of the forest growing, when all we hear are relentless blows and great trees falling.

Remember your mothers while they still remember you.

See more of my floral photos here.


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