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Clarity under confinement

This is the Seine, and this the Sky, as seen from Ile Saint Louis, the center of Paris, today.

Never has the river been so clear (in 200 years?) and never the sky so bright and blue. When our activity returns to "normal", so will our pollution....unless we undertake major change.

If we have accepted radical restrictions to contain a virus and crash our economy, are we truly not able to reduce the pollution that is a cause of countless more health concerns that contribute to an even greater number of premature deaths?

No doubt, it will require a new way of life, but that new way of life will certainly be better than permanent confinement. Now we have the proof: all that is required is the will to act. We have the imagination to reinvent our world, and nature shows itself to be amazingly resilient to our destruction.

- Excerpt from Corona Confessions by Carsten Sprotte, to be released in 2020.


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