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Be a super-spreader

Today, thousands of people are spreading a virus in spite of themselves, and capturing the attention of the whole world. This same day, many more are willingly engaged in another form of contagion that the media seem to ignore. We can call this a contagion of the positive, and here is a list of its viruses to watch out for. Yes, you may even become a super-spreader. It is more empowering to spread a virus than to fear one.

Positiv-19. A simple but authentic smile will contaminate many, with mild effects. Positiv-20. Unbridled laughter may reach few, but with hilarious effects. Positiv-21 Unexpected, random acts of kindness will seriously effect those contaminated, and some may never recover. Positiv-22 Internal serenity will contaminate those close to you, with effects that are subtle but powerful over time. Positiv-23 Passionate enthusiasm is highly contagious with dramatic effects. Positiv-24 Love expressed to another human that you recognize as not being separate from yourself is fatal when contracted. The known self cannot recover from such an experience.

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