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You Seek, I Find

House-hunting and Soul-searching in Paris and beyond

Autobiographical stories - 30 pages

Released - April 2020

You Seek, I Find is a collection of true stories (albeit slightly tampered) about property searches I have personally performed for clients in France over the past couple of years. My clients are as extraordinary as the properties I found for them, and the process often as thrilling as the final reward. 

As the subtitle "House-Hunting and Soul-Searching" implies, I have taken more interest in each property search as a significant life experience than a goal achieved.  Anyone who follows through with their dream to live and learn in France is treading a cherished path. I stand at the door to this experience and beckon you with open arms. 

Many will come because of their appreciation for one particular aspect of French culture, through which they gradually discover others. Others are drawn through the door in search of something less definable...something feather-soft and slightly sweet like a morning brioche that begs them to remain. Or a je ne sais quoi that has always been lacking in their lives.

Autobiographical stories - 30 pages
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