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64 Facets of your life renewed

Handbook - 144 pages

To be released - 2022


The GEM presents 64 facets, representing myriad ways to refract light into your life (or rather to refract light from within you). If only a single ray of light makes it, that alone is a spark for transformation. It may alter your life ever so slightly, softening the great solid edifice of your identity to allow you to morph into what you are meant to become. The world will morph with you. In our holographic universe (previously known as the realm of Indra), a net of perfect gems stretches out in all directions, infinitely, Each gem also reflects every other gem, infinite in number, and each of the reflected images of the gem bears the image of all the other gems. Whatever affects one affects them all.

For you, and for all of humanity, small steps have unexpected effects. If 1 billion of the earth’s inhabitants were to simultaneously try out a single one of the practices suggested in this book, the impact would be spectacular. The Japanese invented Kaizen: the idea of changing for the better, every one, every day, everywhere, You cannot make others change, but your own changes, however slight, do affect others.

How many books have you already read that tell you that if you do this, and this, and this, all in the right order, then you will be as successful as the person giving you the advice? How many do you still need to read to become as successful as you think you need to be. Presumably that has not worked quite as well as you hoped, and you may feel a bit frustrated by the endeavor.

The GEM is not a new method to follow, with a money-back guarantee. You have your own path of experience, different from all others. Nobody can instruct you on what you should do. This is where religions, doctors, and all prescription-based approaches fail.  The gem with 64 facets is a guide to use on your own terms. At any moment, you can ask yourself a question. You can try to formulate where you feel stuck. Then you can select one of the 64 facets at random, or you can roll the dice that will send you to one of the 64 facets. You will read what is written, and you will consider what message is there for you, in the moment that you read it.

You are your own guide. Listen to your still, small voice.

Handbook - 144 pages
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