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Jerusalem Syndromes

And other apocalyptic disorders

Autobiographical articles - 50 pages

To be released August 2020


The eyes of the world are riveted on the holy land, today as during thousands of years gone by. Only the World Cup and Covid19 are recent rivals for its fervor. In 2018, Jerusalem was reclaimed as the capital of Israel, and Israel has reclaimed itself a Jewish nation. We’re almost there, baby!  Zion before sunset!

Will peace come at last to Jerusalem, as its name foretells? Will the messiah arrive on time? Do we first have to do “the apocalypse thing”? Who’s really going to be in charge in the kingdom of God?  Is that really democratic? Will there be milk in your coffee and Starbucks not too far away? In the paradise of the promised peace, will the humour be kosher?

Jinxed by Judaism, crippled by Christianity, and itching from Islam, an American fugitive and self-proclaimed expert on God, I made it to Jerusalem and back in 2018, narrowly escaping assassination. While there, I identified a host of holy-land health disorders affecting the entire world, including you.

With humour that verges on the harrowing, I bring blessings for all. At the end of his journey (to the end of the world and back), a way to peace and healing surprisingly emerges that neither calls upon the great guns below nor an almighty power above.

As the song goes: Only you.

A lighter today and a brighter tomorrow are possible in the promised land, even within your lifetime. If you don’t believe it to be possible, you will not regret being wrong.

I decline all responsibility for any side-effects in your personal life, including but not limited to the miraculous ability to converse with your political opponent, or your spouse.

Autobiographical articles - 50 pages
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