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Machine Man

The rhythm of our times

Machine man, your time is near.

A time to sanitize and secure.

A time to stabilize the stats and neutralize fear.

Machine mind, memorize the mantra that you are free,

but only within your factory settings (do not see).

Run the program. Implant the device.

Download the patch. Desensitize.

Machine mind, you must not escape the divide.

Rage either on this, or the other side.

Antagonize to the brink of destruction.

Such is your script. US6506148B2

Machine man, your time is near.

A time to reset the matrix

and settle into a new playback loop.

Half Orwell, half Huxley, brave this hybrid of both worlds.

Pleasure-streaming through hollowed-out humans,

Replay of their dulled despair.

2024, year of the last Man standing?

Do not go silent into this night!

Listen to your beating heart.

Awaken to your own sovereign light.


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