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Jerusalem, the greatest town in America

This is a juxtaposition of narratives about Israel and America, from the mouth of twin prophets, millennia apart: the bona fide Hebrew prophet Daniel and his American pseudo-heir, Dan.

Daniel: The children of Israel escaped from slavery, led by Moses who promised a land flowing with milk and honey. Under the instructions received directly from YHWH, the native inhabitants of Canaan were slaughtered...every many, women, and child, as it is written. This was so that the glory of YHWH would be known among the nations, and so that His chosen people would become a light unto the world.

Dan: Brave early Americans escaped from religious persecution to settle a new country, founded upon ideals expressed by luminaries in the old countries. Acting upon their belief in manifest destiny, the God-fearing Americans slaughtered natives (savages), robbed them of their land, and forced them into cultural subservience. Upon this righteous foundation, Americans would champion the position of becoming a beacon of democracy and freedom in the world.

Daniel: The children of Israel were formed of 12 tribes. Once established in their promised land, they formed a short-lived single kingdom that soon split into the North (Israel) and the South (Judah). King David ended a civil war and reunited the two into a single monarchy that would last about 80 years, including the legendary reign of King Solomon.

The two kingdoms split, and within a hundred years the northern kingdom was conquered and taken captive by the Assyrian empire. About a hundred years later, the southern kingdom of Judah was conquered by the Neo-Babylonian empire, and its elite also taken into captivity.

Dan: Americans started out not as 12 but as 13 colonies (probably one too many). They formed a single republic, but civil war ripped them apart less than a hundred years later. A president by the name of Abraham led the war to reunification, with a notably battle in Shiloh.

The unified nation lasted about 80 years, saving the world from doom twice during that time. Then it once again split, this time into a Republic (for Republicans) and a Democracy (for Democrats). There was no point in a full-blown civil war, because only one side was armed.

Daniel: During its period of glory, the unified kingdom in Israel conquered and annexed numerous surrounding city-states, and created a strong commercial alliance with Tyre, who’s capital and know-how were instrumental in the construction of the great temple in Jerusalem.

Dan: Thanks to the expropriation and exploitation of America’s massive natural resources, combined with technological leadership and a formidable work ethic, the new nation saved the free world (its allies) from brutal dictatorships and evil empires. In spite of victory, the Republic continued to direct more of its resources to defense than to anything else. The end of the greatest war in human history immediately gave rise to first known threat of annihilating all human life. With unparalleled military might, the Republic waged war in distant lands to hedge off the encroaching threat of evil economic policy and maintain a balance of power. Never before had a nation devoted such resources (in absolute terms) to defense. This was so that the democracy of the people, by the people, for the people should not perish from the earth. Cannot perish, that which does not exist.

Daniel: Israel is the starting point and ending point of human history. YHWH made himself know to mankind through Israel and will return to the world as promised to Israel.

Dan: America marks the start of a New World, and has the mission to spread its values, institutions, and way of living throughout the world. It is the leader in messianic technology. Because of its righteousness, God will bless America.

Daniel: Israel undermined its own democracy for the purpose of protecting itself against external threats, with terrorism on the top of the list.

Dan: The USA undermined its own democracy for the purpose of protecting itself against external threats, with terrorism on the top of the list. Second or third on the list were illegal immigrants, whose children were kidnapped at the border, sent to detainment camps, and dispatched to specialized “care” centers.

I hope the juxtaposition of these narratives will have served to demonstrate that Israeli-American relations run deeper than diplomacy, and not are only to be explained by the sizable Jewish population in the USA. Having been fed the two narratives from an early age, it is impossible for me to escape their ontological commonality and kindred zeal.


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