Birthday Blessings

Updated: May 1, 2021

On this once-in-a-lifetime day, I am blessed with berries, birdsong, and the bliss of her emerald eyes.

Splendid Simplicity

When your life is stripped of all trimmings, You may encounter your essential being, And in that moment find bliss in two ripe berries, Splendid simplicity without sugar and cream.

- Excerpt from LVX by LEO

* maybe you think that nothing is happening in this video?

Birthday Birdsong

accompanied by a faint quiver of strawberry leaves

Free from any note of fright

he sits afar upon his stage,

solitary in a dim twilight.

He sings for his coming of age,

the song of his heart’s delight.

Emerald Eyes

They have not dimmed.

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