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Royalty, Thy Name is Woman

What She Revealed on My Road to Reims

Novella - 70 pages

Released - April 2020

Royalty, Thy Name is Woman counters Hamlet’s famous line about feminine frailty. Its heroine is a woman who expressed her singular saving power as the world approaches its greatest danger. An excerpt from my own life, it begins with my champagne-showered appointment to a position in the world’s premier luxury empire. There, my road to Reims--like another’s road to Damascus--takes an unexpected turn, veering into the unknown. 

I had already emigrated from Burger King/Dairy Queen country to the domains of Veuve Clicquot and Krug. This in itself makes for a great tale, but where, beyond luxury, can such a journey lead? That is what this novella reveals. 

As its author, I thought I would know where it would all end. But as I carefully placed my final words, a virus called corona erupted on the scene, and all that I had written about a certain coronation would take on a new light.

Novella - 70 pages
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