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As a consultant and broker specialized in France for foreigners, from real estate to real life, here's what I can do for you :

- Find that special property you're looking for in Paris or elsewhere in France.

- Sell your French property for the best price.

- Assist you with the complex legal and cultural issues related to owning property, doing business, and getting the most out of your experience in France.

- Teach you the magic French words that will open your doors to a new dimension of living.

  • I have lived and worked in France for 25, both in executive positions and as an entrepreneur, 10 of which have been dedicated to real estate. 

  • I am bilingual and bi-cultural. This is key to achieving your goals in France because the culture and the rules are subtle and complex. Americans, in particular, are often exasperated at not being able to solve a problem by throwing money at it. Sometimes it's as easy as just learning to say "bonjour", but often not.

  • My strengths include deciphering French legal texts as well as the French mind. I have a history of people problem-solving and can get you through the roughest waters to your destination.

  • My clients mean the world to me, and that is how they feel about it too. Read what they have to say.


I would love to add you to my list of happy French property owners. Let's have a conversation! 

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